Let’s Take Surfing Further!

The Fernandina Beach Surf League (FBSL) is for kids who love surfing. The league provides weekly practice, a meeting place, and continuing water time for young surfers who want to build on their existing surf skills. We take surfing as seriously as football, soccer, baseball, tennis, gymnastics, or martial arts and many people who excel at these sports or disciplines can also excel at surfing.

Tier 1

  • Enjoys surfing and would like to continue.
  • Has attended a surf camp, taken a lesson, or has some surf experience. (May or may not have their own surfboard).

Surfers begin handling surfboards on their own, learn to paddle out unassisted, practice getting to their feet fast (straight to their feet, no knees), and start selecting and paddling for their own waves.

Tier 2

  • Enjoys surfing and would like to improve.
  • Has their own board and can paddle out past the breakers unassisted.

Surfers work on improving their paddling endurance and technique, learn to read the line-up and position themselves for riding the open face, and practice pacing themselves on the wave (a fundamental skill for executing maneuvers).

Fernandina Beach Surf League is $90 and includes 3 weeks of surf coaching, surf focused exercises, and surfing tips.

FBSL is not for individuals who have never surfed.
All Surf Coaches are First Aid and CPR certified.

Tier 1 & 2 Spring 2023 FBSL May 6 – 28

* Locations subject to change due to sandbar movement and tides. All participants will be given at least 1 week prior notice in the event of a venue change.

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