Erin Brooks and Carissa Moore Air Reverses

The following is Emily Moore’s favorite sequence from her Spring 2021 Surf League Homework extra credit. This sequence is a great illustration of a high level surfer looking at the top of the wave and then the bottom of the wave. Intermediate surfers do not have to try this maneuver above the lip. Using similar body mechanics on the face of the wave might lead to an exciting, fin drifting snap if executed properly or a reverse without the air which is an advanced maneuver you often see from Sally Fitzgibbons, Carissa Moore, Tatiana Weston-Webb and others.

1)Reaching for the wave, looking up (where she wants to go).

2)Winding up, shoulders facing the top of the wave.

3)Looking down (where she wants to go), shoulders halfway rotated back down, arms out like Caroline. A backside bottom turn and a frontside top turn are both heelside turns and often look very similar.

4)Looking down (where she wants to go), shoulders fully rotated back down.

5) Low with one hand on each side of the board in a position similar to our surf squats.

6) Still low to the board in order to ride out as cleanly as possible.

Below is Carissa Moore’s air from the WSL Newcastle event for a regular foot comparison. More height, slower rotation. If you are interested in seeing how similar body mechanics apply to a turn on the face of the wave check out Chauncey Robinson from the 2018 Florida Pro here.

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